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New Year holidays and Art materials

It’s December now, so 2018 is almost over. It is the season for Christmas and New Year’s events.

Of course, I would be happy if Baby Color or Majelle were chosen as gifts for loved ones, but I would be very happy as a maker if I used them for a little message card.

Various designs of Christmas cards and New Year cards are on sale. It’s fun both to choose by yourself and to receive from others.
Many people will shy away from making them or drawing them. “It takes time, is troublesome, and I can’t do what looks good !!”
Even so, this is the time when you have the most opportunities to draw with these cards. If the white background card that remains is lonely, why not add one point?
If you can’t draw a beautiful or cute picture, you don’t have to force it. Simply adding color will change the atmosphere of the card.

Even if you don’t usually use it, the Art materials are surprisingly asleep at home. Let’s try it if you find it !

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