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A Japanese manufacturer of drawing and marking item is seeking a stationery manufacturers to offer their ODM (design and manufacturing) services. They are experienced in manufacturing drawing items, since their first production in 1927. They are offering R&D outsourcing services as an outsourcee for the R&D project for their client (stationery manufacturer) Based on the client’s request and specification, they develop products in their lab, and manufacture the products as a supplier. Their products are crayons, oil pastels, water color paints and pan paints targeting toddlers, students and artists.

odmPic02They also have a very good designed resin crayon, industrial solid marker, and additional valued marking products with such as remover functionalities. Their solid remover marker is a gel stick, and it can soak out the stain from the clothing. Their drawing items have been receiving favorable reviews in the Japanese market   for their safety and performance. They are able to meet with most of the requirements of the clients and are highly evaluated for its quality and results of their products. They have high technique to produce solid drawing item and, some of marker inks were changed to solid ink stick by them. Actually, their researcher in lab has a high development capability to give technical guidance on global stationery company.

They can also make a stable supply by their production system in short lead time. They supply high safety drawing items for the field of infant education. One of their most popular items, resin crayon, has both ACMI-AP certified product seals and CE marking (new EN-71-3) and has sold over 35 million pieces.  On the other hand, for the industrial market, they have developed solvent and water based solid paint marker, and it has many uses to the different scene.

They are very competitive outsourcee in the drawing product markets in Japan. They have been requested to conduct production development from a lot of companies in Japan and abroad, and they had released more than 80 items in recent 20 years for such as Gel crayon, Resin crayon  and Industrial solid paint. Especially, Gel crayon is one of their representative product, and it draw very smooth.


odmIndustrialSolidMarkerThis company specializes and is experienced in producing industrial solid markers for specific applications.  To date, they have succeeded in developing special markers that other manufacturers have not been able to produce. These include industrial crayons that can be wiped clean but are resistant rain as well a permanent solvent based industrial solid marker.

Besides these, the company also produces solid markers designed for specific types of conditions like extreme high and low temperatures, indoors and outdoors as well as for metal, plastic, rubber and stainless steel surfaces.  Being their specialty, each of their markers features vibrant colors no matter the environment it’s used in.

R&D products

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Various Industrial Solid MarkersIndustrial crayons for various applicationsDifferent types for a variety of uses
Erasable MarkerIndustrial crayonResistant to rain but can be wiped away
Solid Paint (solvent based)Solid-type solvent based markerSolid-type permanent marker
Marking ChalkIndustrial crayon


odmDesignedBabyColor is very good for the first drawing of toddler because it’s designed based on safety and usability.
Designed crayons manufactures mainly in resin crayons. Resin crayon is not easy to break and make dart like as standard crayon. Depends on the mold, it can make various form of crayon, and it can be a toy, too.
We will be able to produce these crayons with your brand design. (We are not selling these crayons in the house brand now.) If you are interested in those plastic crayons, please contact us.

*** Toddlers can do drawing without marking their hands and cloth.

R&D products

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Baby ColorResin crayon developed for young childrenSafe and easy to use crayons for young children
Animal CrayonsAnimal shaped resin crayonsMonkey, Lion, Giraffe, etc.
ErasersBabyColor eraser-
Kaba CrayonEndangered species campaign by designersFun, Hippo shaped crayons for drawing or decorating.
Puzzle Crayon 3D3D puzzle type resin crayonsCombine pieces to make new shapes
Puzzle Crayon Animals2D puzzle type resin crayonsCombine pieces to make new shapes
Dinosaur Crayons 2D2D Dinosaur crayonsDinosaur craze!
Dinosaur Crayons 3D3D Dinosaur crayonsDinosaur craze!
Kakeru CarPull-back car crayonsBody material is crayon
Rocket CrayonsStackable rocket shape-
Accessory CrayonsAccessory-shaped (e.g. bracelet)-


odmGeneralThis company manufactures a wide range of consumer orientated stationary for numerous stationary companies and/or other businesses.
For example, white board crayons that can also be used on blackboards and glass surfaces, metallic crayons for blackboards, transparent solid underline markers, solid stain removal pens, solid leather repair pens as well as many other specialty tools/products.

R&D products

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Dye MarkersFabric marker for dyeingIron-on
Oil Pastels for home furniture and furnishingsTouch-up crayon for furniture-
Watercolor PencilsWatercolor Pencils-
Gel CrayonsA crayon that draws smoothly-
Washable Gel CrayonsWashable version of the above-
Window MarkersSmooth surface crayonsCan also be used on glass and blackboards
Metalic Chalk MarkersMetalic version of the aboveFor blackboards
Non-dry Gel CrayonsNon-dry gel crayon-
Solid Underline MarkersSolid-type transparent underline markerDeveloped together with Korea
Memory Stick PensMemory penSolid-type memory pen (highlighter)
RemoversStain removerSolid-type stain remover pen
Repair-KunSolid-type touch-up pen for leatherWater color based touch-up pen
Herb Underline Markers--
Whiteboard MarkersInk-type dry erase markers-
Whitedboard CrayonsNon-dry solid whiteboard crayonDry erase
KT-1 Wax-Art wax


odmInfantThey have considered what is good for children, and they really take care of choosing safety material.
They can supply safety and additional valued drawing item for children. (Their product is ACMI AP certified.  The Art & Creative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI) is an international association of over 220 art, craft and creative material manufacturers which seeks to promote safety in art and creative products through its certification program. )

R&D products

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Crayon-There are round and hexagonal types.
Water Soluble Crayon-The traces of drawing blur with water.
PastelOil pastel-
PaintWatercolor Paint-
Cake ColorSolid Paint-
Poster ColorOpaque watercolor paintGood concealment.
Fluorescent Poster Color-
Non-Dry MarkersMarkers, hard to dry-
Washable MarkersInks can be dropped by washing-


odmProffesBuncho Corporation’s specialist orientated art supplies include around 100 different colored crayons, 144 different colored soft pastels, 50 different Cake Color (24 Transparency colors and 30 Opaque colors) .
The crayons are soft, spread well, blend smoothly with other colors and are resistant to fading. The soft pastels feature a square in shape as opposed to the more commonly used spherical form factor. The solid water colors are known for their vibrant colors and resistance to fading.

R&D products

Oil Pastel-Light Stability, Mixed Color, Number of Colors
Soft Pastel-Square
Solid PaintWatercolorTransparency, Opacity
Oil Pastel for Chalk ArtOil pastel Specialized For Chalk ArtMixed Color, Recoating Capacity