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I would like to express my sympathy during the heat.

August is summer and so hot. It’s very hot.
Since summer is hot, many people may not like drawing.(I don’t want to do it unless it is my summer vacation homework!)
But in Japan, there are postcards that are common in summer. You see.
For example, “Summer greeting” or “Late-summer greeting”.
It will be “Late-summer greeting” because it will pass “the first day of autumn”. “Late-summer greeting” is written in Japanese as “Zansho Mimai”. Zansho means “lingering summer heat”. Rather, it’s going to be a full-fledged summer, so it sounds strange to say “lingering summer heat”. However, “Twenty-four Setsuki”, which sets the season when “Late-summer greeting” is issued, originates in China from ancient times, so it seems that it is one month different from modern Japan. It is inevitable.

Anyway, “Late-summer greeting”. Speaking of summer, straw hats, fireworks, watermelons, goldfish, sea, mountains, countryside landscapes, beetles, shaved ice, and some cool things!
Let’s take a short break in the summer exhausted life and send a greeting of the season. I think that “picture letters” with little sentences are quite good.

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