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New Year and Art materials


Happy New Year!
It is a new year. It’s time to start getting colder in Japan, so we want to take care of our health and keep our bodies and minds fit.

To do this, the first thing to do is to set a goal, write it down and put it on the wall. This is an old Japanese custom called “kakizome”, which means to write the first letter of the year. However, I don’t think there are many families that still do this today.
As an employee of an art supply company, I feel the historical romance of the ink used in this ceremony, which has a unique texture.

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of coloured sumi ink, and the pictures painted by watercolourists using them are wonderful.
It’s a completely different way of using sumi ink than the traditional sumi ink painting called “suibokuga”, but that’s why it’s so fun. The world expands.
I think it’s great to draw formal things in a dignified way, but it’s also good to draw relaxed scribbles, as long as you enjoy it.

Why don’t you start drawing the first picture of the New Year?

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