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We sponsor the event ‘Fude Rock’!

We continue to sponsor the improvised art battle event ‘Fude Rock 4′.
We provide our products to the “Fude Kids” childcare service, so if you find one, please try it out.

The Kanto competition is the FINAL in September, and the qualifying round will be held in Saitama, where our company is also located, in July.

Date: 22 July (Sat), 2023, 12:00-17:00 *
Place:Tokorozawa Koku Memorial Park, 1-13, Namiki, Tokorozawa-shi, Saitama.

*Participants are to assemble at 11:00, and reception. They will start as soon as they gather, so it is possible that the event will start earlier.

Fude Rock is a festival-style art event based on the concept of “improvised art battles open to everyone, from children to adults, pro or amateur.”
The 1on1 5-minute limit matches are a must-see. There will also be live painting and artists’ booths selling their wares.
Spectating is free.
If you think it sounds interesting, please go and watch the game.

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