Buncho LogoODM company for crayon,
solid marker, industrial marker.

In Japan, October 24th is “Buncho Day”.

As I wrote on last year’s Buncho Day, our company name “Buncho” originated from the fact that the company name was changed from “Akatsuki Stationery Works” to “Buncho Crayon Industry” in 1951.
The product name of the crayon that was being produced at that time was “Buncho Crayon”, so it seems that the company name was adapted to the popular product name.

The photos in this article are samples of old products that remain in our company. The name contains “Buncho”.
The two paints in the upper row are hard to see because they ware actually used, but each has a cute java sparrow (= Buncho) illustration.
The lower crayon design also uses a java sparrow, but this illustration was quite boldly deformed.
Looking at it from a modern perspective, it has a retro atmosphere and is interesting.

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